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3D/4D Scan

3D/4D Scan


20 min scan time including colour print to takeaway and optional goodies on the day too

Bring family and friends to Meet Your Miracle is 3D/4D. For the best
images optimum time to attend is between 26-30 weeks.

A magical opportunity to meet and bond with your unborn miracle, sharing with friends and family.


Our 3D/4D Scan can be taken anytime from 12+ weeks.

The is an abdominal scan. 4D is the moving 3D image.

What’s included:

Appointment time is 20 minutes
Opportunity to capture smiles, yawns, blinks.
Gender from 16+ weeks if requested (this can also be kept a secret)
Includes photo selection + 1 colour print to take away


Why not add a heart beat bear for £20? We can record the heartbeat for you to squeeze and listen to.